October update, moved out of the "Lawn and Garden Center", new space coming soon!

Just wanted to leave a note in case you drop by and notice my space inside the old "K-Mart" (now Lifestyle Storage) is now empty.

With winter on the way, I moved out of the "lawn and garden center" part of the building as it's not climate controlled. I'm still working out of the same building but it will be about a month before the new and improved retail/office/shop space is ready for any walk-ins. 

My new "spot" in the building will be on the West side, facing the Fireside Inn and Suites. We're still working on getting doors and windows in, and finishing out the interior.

In the meantime if you need something just holler. With boating season about over I'm limited to working on boats stored here over the winter, but now offering Snobear and fish house electronics rigging in preparation for Winter fun.

Give me a call or shoot me a text - 701-335-6040


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